Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Feliz Cumpleanos, Pedro! errr--Eric!

 Happy 30th Birthday to Eric!

I cannot believe he is THIRTY!
We started dating when we were 17...
...30 seemed SO OLD back then. 
Now, I am considering it the NEW 25.  

I asked Eric how he felt about turning 30 and his response, "AWESOME". "I'm not the new kid on the block anymore.  I know what I am doing and I am happy with where we are."    
(I'm in total agreement!)

Our birthday gift to each other this year was a vacation.  But, since I love to host parties, I couldn't let him slide into his thirties without putting something together.  

We had a Cinco de Mayo Party/Derby Viewing Party at our house and then went out on the town.  

Here is how it all went down....
The Parker's
The Huffman's
The Pircon's 
The Sholeen's
The Bhatti's
Photo Bomb!
I-L.O.V.E.-The Wasinger's!!!!!!   
They are such ROCK STAR friends they cabbed it ALL THE WAY from St. Charles.  
 LOOOOVE them!!!!!   
Do you see why???
PEDRO!!!! ...watch your hand! 
The T's
The Oswald's
Jug Club
The Hallihan's 
ZP and his bud

That damn 'stach....I had a hard time with it after Kim taught me about a dirty word. 
My sweet Amanda!!!
My dancing partner!
Pedro and Matteo....I LOVE them!
Matt and I's "annual pic"
Kristy and Eric
Kim and I...
Some of Eric's best buds....good times!

HUGE shout-out to Eric's mom and sister for being simply amazing.  
They cooked so much food for the party!! (delicious!)
And his parents also let us borrow their margarita machine.  (I need one of those!) 

Eric and G-man

Happy birthday, Eric! 
 I love you!

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