Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 Bucket List...

  2012 Bucket List
Everyone has one.  Right?!?!!

Every year, Eric and I sit down and right down our goals for the year.
We look at our goals from the previous year, reflect, and try to set measurable/obtainable goals.

While I am not going to share ALL my goals with you (some things need to semi-personal)...I am going to share 95% of them.

Here it goes.

Bucket List-2012
-in no particular order-
  • Go to Mexico with Eric (just the two of us) to celebrate our BIG birthdays.
  • Keep the weight off I have lost since having Addelyn--(I am minus 14lbs from pre-pregnancy weight!)
  • Tone Up
  • Run another 1/2 Marathon in June or July (ambitious-YES) and finish under 2hrs (super ambitious since I haven't ran over 4 miles at a time in months!)
  • Read 4-5 books (Hey, I am being realistic)
  • Blog at least 2-3x per week 
  • Work more with the Special Needs program at my church
  • Do at least 4-5 home DIY projects (like the secretary)....more on that later=)
  • Continue to fill at least 2 orders a week with Gaga for Bows
  • CLEAN OUT basement (oh boy!!!!)
  • CLEAN OUT guest room!!(again...massive project!  How many crafts can person have??)
  • Learn to say NO.   No is a sentence.  It does not need an explanation.  It does not need an apology.....can I do it???
  • Set boundries.  I need to set healthy boundaries in my life with a few people (we won't give names).  I should start by reading the book (that I own!)
  • Make more time for myself....whether it is reading, working out, getting my nails done, going for a drink with a friend.  I need to take care of myself as I take care of my family.
  • Go on more dates with my husband.  I would like to shoot for once a month!!  
 And...that is about it.   I think it is all obtainable.  

What are yours??

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