Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Addelyn's Birthday Party...the party crashers!

  Addelyn's Winter-ONE-derland 
-the party crashers-

Getting Addelyn's Birthday Party to perfection took A LOT of hard work and time.  The week leading up to her party was the most grueling.  But, I am thankful to have my sweet friend, Amy, offer to come over and help me decorate during the week and my family come up Friday night ready to be put to work!   

My brother, Bryan and his family drove down from MI Friday night and while they thought they may have a relaxing evening....they did not=)   They helped a TON, as did my mom and dad!!  Mom and I stayed up WAY too late putting the finishing touches on the table decorations.

All so THIS pretty princess could have the most perfect first pink birthday party.

The guests arrived at 11am on Saturday

Neighbor's Kelli and Claire
 Due to lack of space, we had to open our basement....but it was GREAT for the kids to run around and play!
 Eric's Cousin's Ashley and Kelly rocking the PINK=)
 Tammy, Amy, Erica & Nicholas...my sweet friends from college
 Cousin Layla showing her teeth!
 The Madlener Girls...Grayden & Addelyn's babysitter(s)!!
 Grammy & Mallory
 Uncle Chris & Melissa

Lunch was yummy Portillo's and some delicious beans and homemade mac 'n cheese from Eric's mom and sister.  (Thank you, ladies!!)

Then came the Smash Cake!  
Addelyn was such a little lady at first...but once she got into it, she was a MESS!  
For the guests we had some cupcakes, cake, and cookies (the gorgeous cookies were from Eric's mom, sister & Granny Schoon...they were amazing!) 

We decided to open gifts after the majority of the guests had left to create less chaos.  Addelyn got into her presents more than I thought she would!  Her favorite was this ride on car from the Dygdon's!   (the video is HILARIOUS!)   

 Funny story: Grayden picked out Ken & Barbie for Addelyn's present from him...but I think he really wanted them for himself!  Who doesn't love flipping Barbie's hair around??

 Everyone's kind words on her birthday decorations and happy birthday wishes warms my heart.  
It helps make all the preparation worth it in the end!!
AND to see this sweet baby girl smile!!!

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  1. Looks like so much fun, Ashley!!!! What an awesome pink party, you did a great job!!!! Lots of great pictures to look back on! Your family is beautiful!!