Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!   This is the first year Grayden was actually going to go Trick-or-Treating.  I was so excited to get him all dressed up.  Grayden, however, had other plans.  Last week he decided that he was NOT going to be the doggie that he was supposed to be.  I tried putting him in the costume a few times this week, but he wanted nothing to do with it.  He yelled and screamed and quite frankly, it was not worth the effort, especially being 8 months pregnant.    This morning we tried one more time.  No go.  So, I put together an impromptu costume.  He ended up being a 'farmer/cowboy'.  It was cute and most importantly, he had a wonderful time!   Round 1: Trick-or-Treating with play group friends.  They were so cute running door to door.  The guys had fun too since they had a mini-keg they got to pull in the wagon.  Round 2:  Trick-or-Treating with mommy and daddy in the neighborhood.  We met up with some of the neighbors and then, after we passed out our candy, we went to the Glass's for pizza and playtime.       What a wonderful day/evening!!   

Eric did a GREAT job carving pumpkins for Grayden!

Playgroup--Lexi, Dylan, Grayden, and Nicholas

Finally, a smile!

First house  (and they gave full size candy bars!)

 Attempting to get a group shot=not possible!

 Lexi was playing 'horsey' with Nicholas-so, so funny.

Halloween 2009 Playgroup

Halloween 2010 Playgroup

 Hooray!   I love Trick-or-Treating!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Patch in Aurthur

While visiting our family this weekend, we decided to venture down to Aurthur to take Grayden to the pumpkin patch.  Oh Boy-He had a ball and ran around Non-Stop!  Thanks for the F-U-N visit Mama and Papo!!

Grayden at the Great Pumpkin Patch


Grayden loved the kiddie maze!

Feeding Papo hay

We may need a cage for our back yard

Helping momma push the wagon

This picture cracks me up!!--I'm obviously exhausted and check out the popcorn I am scarfing down!! 



This weekend we ventured down to Central IL to visit with family and take Grayden to his first football game.  It was homecoming weekend at U of I and we have not been back since Eric graduated 6 yrs ago!  It was SO much fun!!  We went to the game with my parents and Ashley's parents.  Grayden was not sure of the game at first.  He hated the fireworks and loud cheering.  However, by the second quarter, we had a full-blown ILLI fan on our hands.  He was cheering, clapping, mocking the cheerleaders, and between plays he would ask for 'more football'.  The band played 'Bad Romance' during the half-time show-- HILARIOUS--Grayden thought the baton twirler was Lady Gaga.   I foresee more games in Grayden's future! 

HOORAY!!  My first game!

 G & mama

 Fighting Illini

Impressive half-time show  (The Chief DID show up!!)

Grayden blocking out the loud sound of the fireworks

No Nap=Soda  (Mommy did not approve of this!)


Thursday, October 21, 2010

6 Year Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Dear Eric!!

6 years of marriage.  11 years of being 'together'.   17 years of friendship.     Eric and I have basically grown up together.  We have been friends since sixth grade.  He was one of my closest friends throughout high school.  We started dating our senior year of high school.  We went to different colleges (which was a very good thing--so we could do our own thing--yet we still stayed together).  Eric has grown to be my very best friend.  I can always count on him to be there for me.  Someone once told me that you want to marry your best friend.  You want someone you can grow old with.  Someone you can sit on your front porch with long after your kids are grown.  We are so blessed that we found that person in each other at such a young age.  Although, that is part of what makes our relationship so special.  We know each other inside and out.  There is no hiding anything.  We love each other through all of our flaws and because of each of our flaws we can bring out the best in one another.          Love you, Eric!!!    xoxoA3E

For our anniversary we celebrated during the day, as a family.   We went to the pumpkin patch and had such a wonderful day watching Grayden play with the animals, ride the 'choo-choo', and try to pick up all the 'heavy' pumpkins in the pumpkin patch.       Eric surprised me with a facial for the afternoon, and then our very dear friend, Nikki, babysat Grayden (it really isn't babysitting with her, though, because she LOVES spending time with him and he L.O.V.E.'s his Auntie "Nene"), and Eric and I went to a nice, relaxed dinner.    It was a perfect day, in my book!
Grayden and daddy last year  (2009)
Grayden and daddy this year (2010)
 I love that he isn't afraid to feed the animals.
  Family Photo Op

 Celebrating 6 Years!!


32 weeks and chugging along

32 weeks!  8 months!    I can hardly believe how FAST the past 12 weeks have gone.  Up until my 20 week ultra sound, everything seemed to move so slowly...but now, I can't keep up with everything.    I am definitely starting to have the 'end of pregnancy' issues.   

Sleep=Not very much!  It is very difficult to fall asleep at night, although I am totally exhausted.  I can't tell you how many times I have looked at the clock to see 12:30, 1:00, 1:30, 2:00, and sometimes 2:30 or 3:00 come and go...and then at 7:00am hear '"Maaaama--Daaaaaaaaddy!!!!"     Ahhhh!!!  

My back comes and goes with pain.   Fortunately, this is better than it was with Grayden, where I was in constant pain.  I think I have to stay away from any heels or wedges from now on.   

I am most comfortable with sweats on--maternity jeans just kinda suck.  They are always falling down and really restrict my movement--so as SOON as I walk through the door, my sweats come on and I am one happy girl!!

I have been nesting like crazy.  Although, my sister-in-law/one of my BFF's informed me that I am ALWAYS nesting.  But, I think it is in true 'full swing' now.    I have this amazing list of things to do each week.  I look forward to doing them.  I have cleaned out my cabinets in my kitchen, reorganized my desk, I have re-arranged all the decor in my family room, office/playroom, and linen closet.  Today I will work on Eric and I's closet and the decor in our bedroom.    It feels SO GREAT to complete each task!!   

Grayden is now in his Big Boy room--pics to come soon!!   It isn't quite finished yet, but the rest will come with time.  We are almost done with Baby A's room and just have finishing touches for her, as well.      Another 'to-do' is to go through my big bin of 'baby items' in the basement and start washing bottles and get the baby gear up and ready.  EEKS!!!   

Well, here I am at 32 weeks.    I go to the doctor tomorrow and then I will start weekly visits, fetal monitoring, and ultra sounds to make sure she is growing properly!!   The doctor said to make it to 31 weeks--which I did!!!  Hooray!   So, now we in the home stretch!!   


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Playgroups 2nd Birthday Party!!

Our playgroups birthday party took place last weekend.  It is so fun to get all the "babies", mommies, and daddies together.  This year we had two new baby girls to add to the mix!!!   And more babies are on the way!   How fun to have 2 playgroups in 1?!?!    


 Getting 4 toddlers to poise=Impossible!!

Hooray!!  Happy Birthday to ME!

The best mommy friends ever!


Monday, October 11, 2010

Summer--In October??

The weather the past week has been AMAZING!  We are talking high 70's, low 80's.  This does not feel like October weather!! (But we like it!)  Grayden and I have totally taken advantage of this weather and have been spending a lot of time playing outside!! 

Enjoying a picnic snack with Dylan

First time drinking out of a Big Boy cup

It was too hot for his long sleeve shirt!

Taking a Sunday Stroll Downtown Naperville

 Singing "the wheels on the bus"

 Hamming it up with his cool shades on!