Sunday, February 2, 2014

Arthur's GREAT Pumpkin Patch

My parents love to take the kids to the Arthur Pumpkin Patch.  We were so happy we could make it down for a fun day at the pumpkin patch!   We had gorgeous weather and it wasn't too crowded!

haha...zoom in to the Pumpkin King's face.  Obviously he wasn't too excited about his title! 

The furry princess. 

Pumpkin Ice Cream...A-MAZ-ING

Ready to Learn in the little school house. 
 Miss Sassy Pants is ready for school.  

Mamo made Grayden his Peter Pan costume.  He LOVES it!! 

Such a wonderful day!!  We can't wait till next year! 


Annual Trip to Bengston's

We took our annual family trip to Bengston's this fall.  The problem was every weekend was either rainy and chilly or perfect either your trip to the pumpkin patch was going to be miserable from the weather or miserable from horrible crowds.    We choose horrible crowds.   Regardless, we had such a wonderful day! 

See how I have grown!!!  
Check out Grayden and Daddy's Annual Picture:

And look at how much Addelyn and Grayden have grown over the past year!!
2012...Grayden had just turned 4 and Addelyn was 1.5. 

2013...Grayden just turned 5 and Addelyn is 2.5.

...till next year!  Hopefully we choose a better day or we can possibly go mid-week!

Annual Trip to Johansen's Pumpkin Patch

Every year since our 5 year olds were 1years old, we have been taking them to Johansen's Pumpkin Patch.

It is hard to believe how much they have grown and how our clan has grown!

I couldn't find a picture from when they were one...but this is when they were two!

 And here they are with the big kids as 5 year olds!! The little ones as 2/3 year olds AND two bitty babies!!
Grayden & Lexi  

Sophia, Hailey, and Addelyn 

Nicholas & Grayden

...we are hoping to get them ALL together again next year, but it will be more difficult since the older kiddos will be in Kindergarten...oh my, this makes me so sad! 


Fall Activities

I have mixed feelings about Fall.   I get sad because summer is over and we have to get back into a routine, but it is also SO FUN to see the kids enjoy their activities and excel with a routine and a little more structure.  (Melt downs sure seem to simmer down a bit when they are back into a routine!) 

Both kids started gymnastics.  Grayden really loves it!  Addelyn is still building up her confidence but is loving it more and more with each lesson. 

Addelyn started dance up again this Fall.  This year she is taking ballet and tap.  She LOVES dance!!  

Both kids are taking soccer.  Grayden is learning lots of foot skills and is getting better with being aggressive.  Addelyn is getting better with her coordination and learning to kick the ball! 

And Grayden continues to take swim lessons.  He is mastering his free style and working on the butterfly.  Addelyn wants to try lessons again...(mommy and me lessons didn't work out)~we may try again this spring!